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Indicator revisions: Pine Indicators this month

This month the Indicator revision process will focus on the Pine woodland, savanna, and prairie ecosystem. Just like last month, the focus will primarily be on revising or replacing indicators that have clearly failed one of the practical criteria for indicators (They cannot be modeled based on current data and existing projects)

Here are a few things the ecosystem team will be talking about:

- How well does LANDFIRE capture the Indicator for regularly burned open canopy habitat?

- Should we streamline the existing Pine Bird Index to just include the species that can be modeled well in the pine ecosystem (RCWs, Henslow's sparrow, Bachman's sparrow, Bobwhite)?

-What is the best way to improve the current indicator for herp communities (flatwoods salamander) to more broadly represent the species and ecosystem conditions important for herps in this ecosystem?

Interested in being part of the discussions about potential changes?

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