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Have you ever felt a sense of "solastalgia"?

This made it's way to my inbox a few weeks ago, so I thought I would share...

You can access the original article here from the BBC.

By Georgina Kenyon

November 2nd, 2015

Have you ever felt 'solastalgia'?

Ever feel unease that the natural environment around you…


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New climate change and sea turtles project

Several years ago, the South Atlantic LCC funded a project to link long-term survey data for four species of sea turtle, three species of shorebird, five species of seabird, and two beach mouse species to maps of coastal sea-level rise vulnerability…


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Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Grant

In the NPS we have a grant program called Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance. This program helps national park managers and their community partners achieve shared…


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Working with Students on Climate Change Adaptation

Hi Everyone,

    I am writing to share with you my experiences this past fall semester in working with a talented group of students at NCSU.  This past fall, we (NPS Southeast Region/South Atlantic LCC) formed a partnership with the Southeast Climate Science Center and NCSU to teach a graduate level course…


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Climate Smart Training Anyone?

Hi Everyone,

Every time I turn around there seems to be a new climate change training opportunity for a new climate change adaptation process or technique, only there doesn’t seem to be a new source of funding for new, large, extensive processes that have the potential to corral the entire staff to complete.  When I got the email notifying me of yet a new “Climate Smart Adaptation” training opportunity, I sighed, jotted down a note to self – “review climate smart adaptation” at the…


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Talking with Park Superintendents

Hi Everyone,

Last fall and this spring I’ve been developing a climate change response strategy and action plan for the NPS Southeast Region.  The plan sets goals for the NPS Southeast Region and identifies how the Region can meet those goals.  To support the Plan, I hosted calls with Superintendents of Parks to get their on-the-ground perspective and needs.  A lot of what we talked about focused around how to communicate about climate change and support our folks working in the field…


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Student opportunity at Timucuan Ecological and Historical Preserve

2014 Timucuan Preserve Student Research Grant Program

This competitive grant program is open to undergraduate and graduate students who are engaged or who desire to be engaged in research activities at the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve. This program is highly competitive and limited in number of grant awards. This year…


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NPS Summer Student Opportunity

SUMMER FISHERIES AND LIMNOLOGY Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon is hiring fisheries and lake research seasonal positions for summer 201

Crater Lake National Park consists of 183,000 acres at elevations of 4,500 to 9,000 feet in the Cascade Range of southern Oregon.  The centerpiece of the park is Crater Lake, which was formed when ancestral Mt. Mazama collapsed following an eruption over 7,000 years ago.  The lake is renowned for its depth, clarity and deep blue color.…


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NPS Scenario Planning Handbook for Practitioners

The National Park Service (NPS) has released a guidance document "Using Scenarios to Explore Climate Change: A Handbook for Practitioners."

This handbook describes the five-step process for developing multivariate climate change scenarios taught by the Global Business Network (GBN) during a series of training workshops hosted by the…

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Coastal Ecologist Position Opening with NPS Southeast Coast Network

The National Park Service Southeast Coast Inventory & Monitoring Network is looking for a highly motivated candidate for its vacant Coastal Ecologist position to lead the implementation of coastal shoreline change and salt marsh elevation/vegetation monitoring protocols in coastal National Park Service units of NC, SC, GA, and FL.

Typical work includes the identification, abundance, and condition of coastal salt marsh plant communities, species, and habitats; and the measurement…


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Graduate student opportunity to study Ecosystem Services

Hi Everyone,

   The interdisciplinary PhD program at Portland State University (PSU): Ecosystem

Services supporting Urbanizing Regions, with support from the National Science

Foundation's Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT)

program, is seeking prospective PhD applicants for our fourth cohort to

begin Fall 2014.

The substantive focus of this program is the…


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Cultural Resources Web Forum

Hi Everyone,

     On Oct 9 at 11:00AM EST, your South Atlantic LCC invites you to attend a web forum to hear about results from a survey of the cultural resource community, and the status of our new cultural resource indicators:  landscapes around National Register of Historic Places, and Longleaf Pine ecosystems.  

   This should be a fascinating discussion, here are some things we'll talk about...

  • The cultural resources community wants to partner…

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Training - Introduction to Structured Decisionmaking

Hi Everyone,

   I just got back from taking Introduction to Structured Decisionmaking from the National Conservation Training Center.  I attended along with a group of 10 or 12 colleagues from the Southeast Climate Science Center.  We all received an intense 5-day initiation to the process and techniques.  For those of you who are not familiar with Structured Decisionmaking, it's a process through which all types of thinkers can come together to define a project, establish objectives,…


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Three New Approved Cultural Resource Indicators for the SALCC

Hi Everyone,

    The SALCC Steering Committee has approved three new cultural resource indicators and targets:

1. Maintain context within 250 meters of non-urban sites on the National Register of Historic Places

2. Recognize the natural resource indicator of clean water as a cultural resource indicator as well.  

3. Increase Longleaf Pine Ecosystems by 50% in the next 15 years.

All of these indicators were selected because they were…


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Cultural Resources Update

Hi Everyone, I’ve recently been on a mission to get to know the community of cultural resource conservation practitioners. This Spring I contacted over 40 different organizations to ask for their thoughts and opinions on the needs for landscape scale cultural resource conservation. Not everyone responded to my request, but I did get an opportunity to do quite a few in-depth interviews with Historic Preservationists, Archaeologists, Archivists, Landscape Architects, Folk Life…


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Making Energy Work Conference

Hi Everyone,

    There's a conference that will take place here in Raleigh on Sept. 19th and 20th.  I've been in touch with the organizers and they seemed interested in our work.  They're trying to create an event that is highly interactive and conducive to networking.  To do that…


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Update on Organizational Profiles

Hi Everyone,

   I've started to develop profiles of industries that we could think of as non-traditional partners in conservation, industries and organizations working in Energy and Insurance, or organizations like FEMA, Red Cross, and Local Governments.  While I learn all about these organizations and their potential interest in our work, I'm looking for ways to engage individuals or groups of individuals in a dialogue about conservation.  If you have any contacts you would like to…


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Socioeconomics and Ecosystem Services Update

The SALCC formed a small socioeconomics working group, the purpose of which was to identify the role socioeconomic science and techniques have to play in the work of the SALCC, and identify actions the SALCC should undertake in 2013.  The group seemed to gel around the idea that the niche for socioeconomics lies with the facilitation of conservation investment by non-traditional partners and recommended that the following be undertaken in 2013.


1. Perform a stakeholder…


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Connecting with the Catawba Indian Nation

Rua and I visited the Catawba Tribe last Friday to tell them about the South Atlantic LCC and explore ways we can work together.  I contacted the Catawba recently to invite them to participate on a committee that will advise the South Atlantic LCC on cultural resource conservation – the first meeting is scheduled for March 8.  After a brief conversation about our work, Darin Steen, Catawba Environmental Services Director, invited us for an in-person discussion.  I learned that the Catawba…


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Internship Opportunity: 2013 George Melendez Wright Climate Change Youth Initiative

The National Park Service and the UW College of the Environment are pleased to announce the 2013 George Melendez Wright Climate Change Youth Initiative.

This program provides opportunities for young people to work on diverse issues related to climate change and its effects in national parks. The opportunities take two forms – competitive fellowships awarded to advanced graduate students (Masters and Doctorate levels) to support their independent research, and paid internships in which…


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