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Learn how to use the Simple Viewer in 5 minutes

Do you or someone you know want to use Conservation Blueprint 2.0? Does the thought of a “mapping portal” make you feel like beating your computer with a baseball bat? If so, don’t worry. There’s help. There are three ways you…


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Virginia is for longleaf lovers

At times it’s difficult to work in the conservation field and not feel jaded. There is always so much to do and it's hard to measure our progress towards the end goal. When will we arrive at that future point we describe as sustainable, viable, and complete? Time is limited, decisions must…


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Simple Viewer Updated with Conservation Blueprint 2.0 - Explore your Blueprint!

Your Cooperative has updated the Simple Viewer with Blueprint 2.0. It’s faster, leaner, and shows the status of indicators within your areas of…


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Updating the Simple Viewer: Minimal is Big

Prepare yourself: it’s coming. Following the release of Conservation Blueprint 2.0, next month (August 2015) we will present the second generation of the Simple Viewer. This new viewer will display Blueprint 2.0, which uses indicators for terrestrial, freshwater, and marine environments to produce a…


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Public Comment Period for Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Our National Parks are our treasures and responsibility. Please engage in the public comment period for the NC Highway 12 Protection activities Special Use Permit at Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

Comments are due by February 27, 2015.…


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Spread the word - five reasons to attend a Blueprint workshop

South Atlantic staff need your help to turn out the conservation community for the upcoming Blueprint 2.0 workshops!  Want to see who's signed up so far?  …


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ENCSEVA Meeting in Manteo Jan 28th

The Eastern North Carolina/ Southeastern Virginia Strategic Habitat Conservation Eco-team (…


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The Simple Viewer: a new way to use the Conservation Blueprint

The Simple Viewer is a new way to explore the Conservation Blueprint Version 1.0. It's fast and easy. Use the Simple Viewer to quickly find places important to you and your mission.…


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What Truthiness, Maps, and Witches Have in Common

   A few years ago Stephen Colbert coined a new term that resonated with everyone who has ever waded into the waters of map making and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).…


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Strategic Conservation Planning for the Eastern NC/ Southeastern VA (ENCSEVA) Eco-team report now available and online

The Strategic Conservation Planning report for the the Eastern North Carolina/ Southeastern Virginia Strategic Habitat Conservation Team (ENCSEVA) report is now available as a technical bulletin on the NC State University Extension Resource…


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Conversing in Conservation

The other day I was talking to a friend, an entomologist, about the under-appreciation of insects and reptiles. As we lamented over the lack of love for those that creep, crawl, pollinate, and break down the messier parts of life, my friend commented, “it’s too bad so many people assume any snake or spider they see is poisonous.” Noting her slip, I tried not to sound condescending as I corrected her and replied, “You mean venomous.” She looked at me, drawing her eyebrows together in…


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Confessions of a Conservation Planner

Nothing is as humbling as announcing to a room full of people, “I’m a conservation planner and have asked you to attend this meeting because I have a new planning tool to help you identify and prioritize your actions”.  As I watch eyes start to either glaze or glare, I smile in what even I can acknowledge is a weak attempt to “facilitate collaboration and stakeholder buy-in”. Many within the field of conservation and natural resource management have been either in my shoes (hopefully…


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Working with the Conservation Planning Atlas and Conservation Blueprint - Minding Where We Meddle

My grandmother, who had a way with words, once told me, “I love best the places where man has not meddled”. She really did not like it when people meddled.  She also told me that “city children knew nothing, absolutely nothing, about anything”.  By “city children” she meant me and the comment was inspired as she observed me failing to watch where I was going as I stepped on a mound of fire ants. 

As I think back on my grandmother’s words, I find I both agree and disagree with…


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