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South Atlantic LCC events at the 2015 SEAFWA conference

Are you attending the 2015 SEAFWA conference next month in Asheville, NC? If so, there will be plenty of opportunities to talk to South Atlantic LCC staff and get an update on the Conservation Blueprint. I think you'll find your cooperative is very well represented at this conference! Come find us at one…


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2 new projects to improve the Blueprint and remove barriers to action

If you were at the Blueprint 2.0 workshops, you probably remember talking about barriers to action in Blueprint areas. You might also remember pointing out places where the Blueprint priorities made sense to you and other places where they didn't. If you were on an Indicator Revision Team, you probably remember pointing out issues with certain indicators and recommending improvements. If you're on…


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New LCC Network map available

The LCC Network has revised its map to better reflect LCC geographic areas. For example, the South Atlantic's boundary 200 nautical miles into the Atlantic Ocean at the end of U.S. waters was not previously reflected. Keep in mind that the little cutaway in Georgia between the Gulf Coastal Plains and Ozarks LCC and the South Atlantic LCC reflects a special integration…


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Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries convenes meeting with three state LCCs

Rua and I attended a great meeting on Tuesday with staff from the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VA DGIF) and the two other LCCs in Virginia: the Appalachian and…


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Gulf Coast Vulnerability Assessment Public Draft Review


In 2012, the Gulf Coast Prairie, Gulf Coastal Plains & Ozarks, South Atlantic, and Peninsular Florida Landscape Conservation Cooperatives initiated the Gulf Coast Vulnerability Assessment (GCVA). The…


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LCCs Highlighted at Senate Hearing Yesterday

Yesterday, the Senate's Environment and Public Works Committee held a hearing in Washington, DC on the President’s FY 2016 Budget Request for the Fish and Wildlife Service.  As one the partners of the LCCs, Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe testified at the hearing where he talked about the importance of LCCs, and the good work being done in the Southeastern states by conservation partners. Here are his remarks on LCCs:


"The budget request includes $69.7…


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Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Grant

In the NPS we have a grant program called Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance. This program helps national park managers and their community partners achieve shared…


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Southeast Resilient Landscapes Fund uses indicator to select focus area in the Greater Pee Dee

Many of you may remember that one of your cooperative's landscapes indicators (resilient biodiversity hotspots) is based on The Nature Conservancy's (TNC) Terrestrial Resilience…


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Headlines and Highlights from the South Atlantic LCC Steering Committee Meeting June 2-4, 2015

I wish to express many thanks to the South Atlantic LCC Steering Committee members and the LCC staff for the excellent discussions, presentations and BIG THINKING at last week’s Steering Committee meeting in Glen Allen, Virginia from June 2-4. 

Together, I thought the Steering Committee…


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Science, Modeling, and the Distribution of Biscuit-Eating People

During my time working with the South Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (South Atlantic LCC), a large part of my focus has been to help synthesize, create, streamline, and revise the spatial models of indicators for integration into Conservation Blueprint 2.0. During the workshops…


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Integrated Crop Livestock Systems a Win-Win

Dr. Alan Franzluebbers, a Southeast Regional Climate Hub (SERCH) partner and scientist for the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) in Raleigh, NC, recently had his research on grazing cattle in cover crop systems …


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New South Atlantic report on threats to ecological systems

As you probably have noticed, most of the discussion about ecosystems within your Cooperative has been about the broad ecosystem types (Forested wetland, Marine, Upland hardwood, etc). Are there specific, finer-scale ecological systems that might fall through the cracks looking at such broad ecosystems?

This new report assesses threats to the 72 terrestrial ecological…


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Ways to Engage in the SALCC

Between selection of landscape level indicators and development of predictive models that can assist biologists and natural resource managers with the prioritization of conservation, there is a lot of cutting edge, unprecedented work going on in the SALCC.  Did you know there are at least five ways you can have your voice heard inside the SALCC?  

First, the SALCC has a steering committee member that serves as your organization's representative and is willing to hear your concerns and…


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January 15 deadline for input into testing assumptions behind South Atlantic Terrestrial Indicators

Just wanted to remind everyone that January 15th is the last day to provide input on testing the ecological assumptions behind the South Atlantic Terrestrial Indicators.

There's more information and a link to the feedback form in my blog post about it from last month…


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SE Climate Science Center meeting update

Two weeks ago, I went down to the St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center for a SE Climate Science Center science meeting. For this first year, all Climate Science Center funds are going to go to projects headed by either USGS or NC State investigators. So, the original intention of this meeting was to bring together USGS/NC…


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SALCC Marine Boundary

In Ken’s blog post "Recent SALCC Steering Committee Decisions" he mentioned that the Steering Committee adopted the outer limit of the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone as the marine boundary for the Cooperative. We will not be able to update our marine…


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Improving your LCC project database


One of the first things I did as science coordinator was put together a database of landscape-scale projects in the region that were either funded directly by your LCC or by other partners. It helped me get my head around all the great work already happening in the area. I also put up a simple…


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Virginia LiDAR Data Available

LiDAR data for eleven Virginia counties have been added to the Virginia Lidar site hosted at William & Mary. Proposed by the Virginia Geographic Information Network and funded by USGS the data was collected Spirng of 2010 and has a nominal pulse spacing of 0.7m and a Consolidated Vertical Accuracy (CVA) of 0.73 feet.…


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Partnership in Perspective

We now have an active partnership in place consisting of agencies, organizations, and individuals who are engaged in the success of the South Atlantic LCC. In the formal sense, we have a steering committee consisting of leaders from fourteen organizations. As I consider this list I am excited by the diversity of perspectives and energized by the depth of commitment. These leaders have coalesced because they have the belief that by working collaboratively they can more strategically target…


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Optimal Conservation Strategy Project

One of the biggest technical challenges the partnership faces is how to create decision-support tools for the LCC that integrate the various objectives of different partners. Sustaining natural and cultural resources sounds great on a mission statement but how we get that done is where the fun begins. That's why I'm particularly excited about the Optimal Conservation Strategy (OCS) Project. This project is designed to provide a technical framework to help guide strategic decisions for…


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