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WCS Climate adaptation project funds - Pre-proposals due April 29

Just wanted to let everyone know about a grant opportunity for funds for climate adaptation projects from the Wildlife Conservation Society with original funding from the Doris Duke Foundation. WCS has explicitly mentioned coordination with LCC's as being a positive basis for projects. Please note that…


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Communications Committee Charter Approved

Last week, the Steering Committee approved the Communications Committee Charter, and we're off to the races! The first order of business will be to add one or two new members, flesh out the…


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FY2011 SALCC RFP now ready for distribution

The FY2011 South Atlantic LCC request for proposals is now available for wide distribution. Thanks to everyone on the River and Streams and Aquatic Invasives website groups for helping to draft focus area #1 and 2. Please share this document with any individual or organization that might be interested in submitting a proposal. Proposals are due April 18. The RFP is available here:…


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Developing Strategic Focus - We Need Your Ideas!

The South Atlantic LCC is beginning to build the science framework and information base to support development of a comprehensive landscape scale adaptation strategy for natural and cultural resources. The Southeast Regional Assessment Project and the Optimal Conservation Strategies Project are integral to this effort. As this work continues, the LCC Steering Committee has decided to develop some areas of strategic focus. This is important to ensure that the LCC emerges as a relevant…


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SALCC Socioeconomic Adaptation Coordinator position advertised

The SALCC Climate Change Socioeconomic Adaptation Coordinator position is now up on USAJOBS and closes April 5. This position will be employed by the National Park Service and is going to be extremely important in helping to address the socioeconomic/culture resource aspects of the LCC. Their office will be right next to my and Ken's office in the NC Wildlife Resource Commission building in Raleigh.


Biologist (Climate Change Coordinator), GS-13/14:…


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Optimal Conservation Strategy Project

One of the biggest technical challenges the partnership faces is how to create decision-support tools for the LCC that integrate the various objectives of different partners. Sustaining natural and cultural resources sounds great on a mission statement but how we get that done is where the fun begins. That's why I'm particularly excited about the Optimal Conservation Strategy (OCS) Project. This project is designed to provide a technical framework to help guide strategic decisions for…


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What are cultural resources?

Before I started as science coordinator, I certainly couldn't have answered that question. Over these last few months on the job, though, I've gotten a better feel for what cultural resources are and the many ways they influence conservation decisions. First, a definition: "Cultural resources are resources important to cultures". This is my favorite definition and the one given by Daniel Odess (Assistant Associate Director for Cultural Resources, National Park Service) at the most recent…


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We're off and running!

Last week marked a milestone in the formation of the South Atlantic LCC. On February 1& 2 the inaugural meeting of the partnership's Steering Committee was held in Raleigh at the NC Wildlife Resource Commission headquarters. This meeting solidified the investment of a variety of organizations in…


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Working across LCC boundaries

Landscape Conservation Cooperatives are supposed to be a seamless network across the entire US. Of course, it's easy to say that but making it happen is still a work in progress. I've had some great conversations with  the neighboring LCCs, the Southeast Climate Science Center, and the national network of LCC Science Coordinators about how we can best share ideas and collaborate on projects. So far most of our cross-border collaboration has been pretty informal (calls, discussions at…


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Your ideas

Ken and I spend a lot of time talking with folks from different organizations. Three things that we're always trying to find out are: 1) The type of decisions folks would like help with, 2) The type of information and tools they'd like the LCC to produce, and 3) How the LCC could be more effective. The problem is that we just can't talk with everyone. While we'll be talking about these 3 questions with the various committees of the SALCC we wanted to make sure everyone had an opportunity to…


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How to get engaged in the SALCC right now

We've been hearing from a bunch of folks wanting to know the best way to get "plugged in" to the SALCC. While we hope to have some additional (and more formal) ways to get involved in the future, there are already a number of ways you can help influence LCC decisions and keep up with LCC progress right now:

  • Join the website. Not only will you get a monthly email newsletter on LCC progress but we will also contact you periodically to review and inform decisions and priorities of…

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Current thoughts on the LCC niche.

As you can see from Rua's recent posts, the LCC staff has been visiting with a variety of people and organizations over the past few months.  This has been important in a variety of ways.  One is that it has helped us to consider and formulate some thoughts about the role or niche for the LCC.  We have begun to present these in some recent meetings and have received favorable feedback.  It…


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Engagement summary: Nov 1 - Dec 15

A big part of standing up the LCC is connecting with all the different partners to identify how the LCC could best help inform management decisions. In the last month and a half, ken and I, either through phone or in person meetings have had that discussion with folks from 6 different partnerships (ACJV, SARP, ACFHP, AKA, ENC/SEVA ecoteam, SEPIF), 5 federal agencies (USFS, NOAA, EPA, FWS, NPS), 3 states (NC, GA, AL), 3 LCCs (GCPO, California, North Atlantic), 3 non-profits (TNC, ABC, Land…


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New potential working groups forming: Rivers and Streams, Geospatial, Inventory and Monitoring

There are a number of specific issues we'll have to deal with in the LCC that cross organizational and partnership boundaries. We are now forming groups on the website to identify individuals interested in helping the LCC tackle some of these issues. Here are some of the latest groups:

Geospatial Group…


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New and improved projects database

We've just launched a new online database of upcoming landscape-scale science products in the SALCC. The database includes not just products directly funded by the LCC but also products under development by numerous partners including the Park Service, USGS, and the Forest Service Global Change Program. You can even filter the database to display only certain types of products (e.g., Aquatic, Predicts future habitat change). More info…


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Spotlight project: Southeast Regional Assessment

Description: A series of projects designed to: 1) Downscale climate models, 2) Predict future land cover based on climate change, urbanization, and sea level rise, 3) Predict the response to that future land cover change in aquatic and terrestrial species, and 4) Develop tools to make optimal conservation decisions in the…


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What's been going on with the SALCC?

Welcome to those of you who are making your first visit to the SALCC web site. We are hopeful that this will be one of several ways that we can keep you updated on the partnership as well as to seek your ideas and feedback on how we are approaching the LCC vision. Please consider joining this site and establishing personal settings that will alert you through email when new content is added.

I apolgize that it has taken so long to communicate with you since assuming the…


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Next Steps from South Atlantic LCC Interim Coordinator Laurel Barnhill

Dear South Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative Partner:

Thank you for participating in last week's workshop in Charleston, SC. Your involvement is key to the success of what we believe is a turning point for conservation: A self-directed science partnership that will leverage all of our resources to ensure fish,…


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