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October 2012 Blog Posts (10)

SARP-USFWS Aquatic Habitat Restoration Program RFP FY 2013


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is now accepting aquatic habitat  restoration project proposals for FY 2013 funding through the Southeast  Aquatic Resources Partnership (SARP) and the  National Fish Habitat Action Plan. …


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SALCC Web Site Changes Coming - Comments/Suggestions Encouraged!

In the next couple of months or so not only will we be adding a new products page that is going to be super awesome (hooray!), but we'll be making some changes to the content of the web site as well. We'll mainly just be moving stuff around and making it easier to navigate. At least that's what we hope to do! 

If you have any suggestions for how you would like to see the web site arranged, please send them to me ( and they will definitely…


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New website on corridors and connectivity launches

Landscape corridors are playing a larger role in conservation strategies, especially in light of challenges from habitat fragmentation caused by climate change and urbanization.  In an effort to bridge the gap between the science of corridors and its practical application in conservation management, we have developed a new website,…


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First Francis Marion NF Community Conversation to be held Thursday, October 25th!

First Francis Marion National Forest Plan Revision Community Conversation to be held Thursday, October 25th!

As the Francis Marion National Forest gets ready to begin the public input process for its Forest Plan…


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Advisory Committee on Climate Change and Natural Resources Science (ACCCNRS)

The Department of the Interior is convening a Federal Advisory Committee to provide input and guidance on the establishment and operations of the USGS National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center and DOI Climate Science Centers (CSC). NCCWSC and the CSCs have been established with a strong partnership orientation; the ACCCNRS will bring together representatives from key organizations and stakeholder communities to

1. Advise on the contents of a national strategy identifying key…


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Secretary of the Interior Announces Climate Science Funding

Contact Information:

Joan Moody: 202-208-3280

Robin O’Malley: 703-648-4086

Douglas Beard: 703-648-4215


Secretary Announces Climate Science Funding


Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar has announced funding of more than $10 million awarded by Interior’s regional Climate Science Centers to universities or other partners for research to guide managers of parks, refuges and other resources in planning how to help species and…


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Federal Register Notice

On October 4, the Department of the interior published a Federal Register notice:

· announcing the intent to create a Federal Advisory Committee for the USGS National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center and DOI Climate Science Centers, and

· inviting nominations for membership.

The Federal Register notice can be viewed here.

A short fact sheet can be found…


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Indicators, Surrogates, Umbrellas - Good Reads to Help Understand What they all Mean


I don't know about you but I've had to do a bit of homework in order to be able to weigh in on the ongoing surrogate/indicator/umbrella/etc species discussions. Somewhere amidst the email traffic, I discovered three articles that were useful in clearing away some of my confusion. They might be of use to you, too. If you only have time to read one, read the chapter from Tim Carol's book. Here are the articles.…


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2013 University of Florida Marine Biology Symposium

Registration deadline is January 4, 2013.

The symposium starts at 1:30 pm on Thursday, January 17 with oral presentations that afternoon and the poster session following that evening.

Friday, January 18 will begin with the keynote address by Dr. Steve Gaines and continue with oral presentations. that evening will be a dinner social, live music and student presentation awards.

See the attachment for registration details and abstract submission…


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Socioeconomics Workshop this Spring (2013)

Hi Everyone,

I am working to assemble on behalf of the South Atlantic LCC a workshop to delve into how socioeconomic ideas, concepts, and science can further the mission of the LCC. I have been thinking of some big-picture questions to guide an agenda for the workshop, but will be working with a small committee to refine them and develop an agenda for the workshop, which will take place in spring of 2013. If you would like to be a part of the workshop development, please let me know by…


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