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August 2013 Blog Posts (11)

New LCC National Network Coordinator Selected

Dr. Elsa Haubold replaces Dr. Doug Austen, who served as national coordinator for 3 years.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has selected a new national coordinator for the Landscape Conservation Cooperative network. Dr. Elsa Haubold replaces Dr. Doug Austen, who served as national coordinator for 3 years. Elsa comes to the network with 12 years experience working on wildlife diversity and endangered species issues at the…


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Adapting to Climate Change: A Handbook for Local Governments in North Carolina

The Coastal Hazards Center at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) has developed a handbook to help local governments in North Carolina adapt to climate change. The handbook demonstrates the need for local action and explains the options that are open to local governments.

Climate change is and will continue to impact every community in North Carolina, the United States and indeed the world. In North Carolina climate change is expected to increase…


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There’s More to Restoration Than Planting Trees

Discussions about longleaf pine restoration tend to focus on replanting trees and using prescribed fire, but ecosystem restoration also involves bringing back the groundcover that makes longleaf pine forests some of the richest plant communities on Earth.

“The groundcover of the longleaf pine forest is truly extraordinary,” says Joan Walker, research plant ecologist with the Southern Research Station (SRS)…


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Training - Introduction to Structured Decisionmaking

Hi Everyone,

   I just got back from taking Introduction to Structured Decisionmaking from the National Conservation Training Center.  I attended along with a group of 10 or 12 colleagues from the Southeast Climate Science Center.  We all received an intense 5-day initiation to the process and techniques.  For those of you who are not familiar with Structured Decisionmaking, it's a process through which all types of thinkers can come together to define a project, establish objectives,…


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Three New Approved Cultural Resource Indicators for the SALCC

Hi Everyone,

    The SALCC Steering Committee has approved three new cultural resource indicators and targets:

1. Maintain context within 250 meters of non-urban sites on the National Register of Historic Places

2. Recognize the natural resource indicator of clean water as a cultural resource indicator as well.  

3. Increase Longleaf Pine Ecosystems by 50% in the next 15 years.

All of these indicators were selected because they were…


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Francis Marion Ecological Sustainability Forum

This was initially posted on the Coastal Master Naturalists Association blog:…


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Another important benefit of aquatic connectivity: Plant dispersal

There was some interesting work published recently in the Journal of Applied Ecology on the importance of aquatic connectivity for plant dispersal. Particularly interesting was that many dispersal limited forest herbs were dispersing very far over a quick period using streams. Yet another…


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Francis Marion Ecological Sustainability Forum Offers Insights for Conservation Community

Every national forest or grassland managed under the Forest Service has a land management plan. This plan provides the framework for on-the-ground decision making and establishes forest-wide management directive for integrated resource management. Under the new 2012 planning rule, sustainability and public …


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Apply for the LCC National Council - Applications Due Sept. 9, 2013

The U.S. Institute and the LCC National Strategy Team are now accepting applications for individuals to represent their organizations on the Council in the following categories of participants:

 3 - U.S. Federally-Recognized Tribal participants

 1 - Indigenous participant

 4 - Non-governmental organization (NGO) participants

 4 - International participants

General information on the LCC Council can be found at:  …


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Synopsis article on rigorous use of expert knowledge in ecological studies

A synthesis paper about use of expert knowledge in ecological research that I co-wrote with colleagues from Canada and Australia has just been published.  If you plan projects that will use experts - or if you are ever asked to serve as an expert - or if you have to review a proposal that relies on experts, you may find it interesting to read. …


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Study suggests Phragmites will become more salt tolerant and invasive with climate change

There's an interesting paper that was just accepted in Global Change Biology that tested the potential impact of climate change on the Eurasian and Mediterranean haplotype of Phragmites australis. They simulated the effects of increased temperature and CO2 on growth and interactions with soil salinity. They showed both increased growth and increased salt tolerance under future climate…


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