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June 2014 Blog Posts (12)

Appalachian LCC hiring a science coordinator

I may be a little bit biased, but I think the job of being an LCC Science Coordinator is one of coolest jobs there is. The Appalachian LCC is now hiring a science coordinator and if you're interested, you should act fast. They're screening applicants now and will keep the position open until they find the right person…


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When It Rains, It Pours…and Increases Soil Erosion Potential in a Changing Climate

Anyone who has seen a gully carved by water flowing over land or a muddied creek following a rainstorm has witnessed soil erosion. Beyond its messiness, water-caused soil erosion can have far reaching impacts. When nutrients and organic matter in soils are washed away, decreased soil fertility affects food production, sediment entering streams and rivers threatens water quality and wildlife, shifting soils create unstable land conditions in ecosystems and communities, and disturbed soils…


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Talking with Park Superintendents

Hi Everyone,

Last fall and this spring I’ve been developing a climate change response strategy and action plan for the NPS Southeast Region.  The plan sets goals for the NPS Southeast Region and identifies how the Region can meet those goals.  To support the Plan, I hosted calls with Superintendents of Parks to get their on-the-ground perspective and needs.  A lot of what we talked about focused around how to communicate about climate change and support our folks working in the field…


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Cogongrass Invades the South

It grows on every continent except Antarctica and has earned a reputation as one of the worst weeds on earth. Now, according to U.S. Forest Service emeritus scientist Jim Miller, cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica) is one of the most threatening invasive species in the South.…


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2014 a Bumper Year for Longleaf Pine Cone Crops

This story originally featured in CompassLive, the online science magazine of the U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station (SRS).

Regional summary for U.S. Southeast available

by Zoё Hoyle, SRS Science Delivery Group…


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Florida Sea Grant Research Funding Opportunity - Coastal Resilience

Florida Sea Grant is pleased to announce a special research funding opportunity focused on coastal resilience. Please widely distribute this email to your faculty, and pay particular attention to the fact that the research priorities identified below may best fit with the expertise of faculty in social science departments – so please help us get this announcement to faculty in departments such as urban and regional planning.



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South Atlantic 2013-2014 Report Card

Hi everyone!

Earlier this year we asked you to participate in a survey for our second annual report card on how we’re meeting our goals and adhering to our principles. While only 43 folks participated out of our total 730 plus web community – we wanted to be sure to report back and let folks know that we did dig into this information, and will use it to help guide our efforts and advance the current state of knowledge of how your Cooperative is serving you.

Without diving too…


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Indicator revisions: Beaches and Dunes and Maritime Forest this month

This month the Indicator revision process will focus on two ecosystems: 1) Beaches and Dunes and 2) Maritime Forest. Just like last month, the focus will primarily be on revising or replacing indicators that have clearly failed one of the practical criteria for indicators (They cannot be modeled based on current data…


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Project results that are coming soon

While Amy has been doing blog posts when project results are ready and up on the Conservation Planning Atlas, a number of you have been asking for updates on accessing data from specific projects that are getting close to (or are already) finished. Here's an update on a few of those. I'll try to do more regular updates like this in future newsletters

Sea-level rise and beach nesting species…


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2 week comment period for Landscape Indicator revisions

The Landscapes Ecosystem Team now has recommendations for revisions to your cooperative's Landscape Indicators. The Landscape Indicators focus on connections across all terrestrial habitats. These changes are now open for comment until June 19th. You can either comment at the bottom of this post or email me directly…


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South Atlantic LCC Year 3 Operations Plan now available

Your Cooperative's Year 3 operations plan is now available.  This plan provides a high-level view of how our efforts will be focused over the coming 12 months.  This plan continues to tie directly to the mission and goals…


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Allow me to (re)introduce myself...

Hi again, I’m Hilary!  Remember me?   After working part-time as an intern for your cooperative for the last two years while in graduate school, I’m very excited to join the science staff as a full-time U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employee.  It has been a busy couple of years since Ken first introduced me!  I worked here for the South Atlantic LCC,…


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