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The Calhoun Experimental Forest: A Legacy of Erosion and the Future of Sustainability

From surface to core, the Earth’s radius is almost 4,000 miles, but only the uppermost sliver of that rocky expanse, called the critical zone, sustains life. This zone extends from the base of weathered rock to the treetops, and includes water, soils, vegetation, and animals.  

A new study, led by Duke University and funded with a $5 million National Science Foundation grant, will bring university and U.S. Forest Service researchers and managers together to examine the critical zone…


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GCVA Update: Vulnerability Index and a Call for Team Members

On May 21 after the GOMA PIT meetings in Mobile, AL I had my second opportunity to meet face-to-face with several folks that are involved with the GCVA.  During the meeting, we put together a timeline of tasks to accomplish over the next 3 months.  The most immediate task is creating/adapting vulnerability indices to be used for the assessment.  These indices will be used by our Ecosystem and Species Expert Teams to assess the vulnerability of species, habitats, and socio-economic attributes…


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Conservation design job for SW LCCs: Deadline May 30

There's increasing movement on Conservation Design throughout the LCC network. This includes a growing emphasis on integrating the various "Conservation Blueprints" across LCC boundaries. This recent position (deadline: May 30) is a good example. It's for someone to both work on Conservation Design for grasslands in the Great Plains LCC and integrate with efforts in the surrounding LCCs.…


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Mechanisms of Aquatic Species Invasions Across the SALCC - An Update

The USGS Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Database (NAS; is a comprehensive tool for demonstrating where and when nonindigenous species have been sighted across the U.S. Information in the database is used for state-level invasive species management plans, to focus monitoring efforts, for public education, predictive modeling, and for avoiding unintentional introductions during inter-basin water transfers.   …


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3rd National Climate Assessment Now Available

Scientific assessments are essential tools for linking science and decision making. They survey and synthesize science, within and between disciplines and across sectors and regions. They highlight key knowledge that can improve policy choices and identify significant gaps that can limit effective decision making.…


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National Land Cover Database, Current Results and Future Plans

By now you all have probably heard that the 2011 National Land Cover Database (NLCD) has been released.  It is always exciting to get another snapshot of land cover that is consistent across our entire landscape.

I was even more excited after listening into…


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South Atlantic Indicator Revisions start today

Don't wait too long to revise the indicators. Especially if some aren't working well. That was one of the big messages from folks involved in other indicator efforts (e.g., Forest Service Management Indicator Species, Everglades restoration) during the meetings that helped develop the South Atlantic Indicator approach. Those comments are a big reason why an Indicator Testing and…


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Meet the Southeast Regional Climate Hub (SERCH)

There were lots of uncertainty, way more questions than answers, and a lot of unknowns when Secretary Vilsack announced a call for USDA Climate Hubs in June of 2013.  However, over time the details started coming together and, on February 5th, 2014, Secretary Vilsack officially announced the creation of the first ever Regional Hubs to help America’s farmers,…


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Southeast Climate Science Center RFP targets SE adaptation and Cultural Resources

In case you haven't already seen it, the Southeast Climate Science Center (in coordination with all Climate Science Centers) has released it's request for proposals for 2015. The two major themes are:

  1. Supporting the development of the Southeast Conservation Adaptation Strategy (SECAS). Your cooperative is…

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