South Atlantic LCC

Setting a course for a sustainable landscape

The first call of the multi-LCC conservation planning atlas subteam (including folks from the South Atlantic and Gulf Coast Plains and Ozarks LCC Geospatial Groups) went very well. There were a few small differences between the features and audience that each group was looking for, but folks agreed that these differences were mostly minor and should not be a problem.


Actions and Decisions:

  1. Keister, Davis, Handley, and Rhinehart will provide Mordecai and Tirpak their data dictionaries to help identify datasets that have universal importance and should be served by CPA.
  2. Mordecai and Tirpak will identify a subset of the existing atlases that are available and have the best potential to meet the identified needs.  They will bring these to the group for review. 
  3. The next conference call will be in early October to discuss progress and next steps with regard to the above items 1 and 2


The full text of the meeting notes is attached


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